Aurubis is the global leader in copper recycling. It produces some 1 Mt/y of copper cathodes and more than 1.2 Mt/y of copper products per year. It has about 4,800 employees at 12 production sites in seven European countries (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain and Slovakia).
Aurubis produces copper cathodes from copper concentrates, copper scrap and other recycled raw materials. These are processed into continuous cast wire rod and shapes, rolled products as well as specialty wire made of copper and copper alloys. Precious metals and a series of other products, such as sulphuric acid and iron silicate are also produced

Xella manufactures and markets building materials, gypsum fibreboard and cement-bonded dry lining panels together with lime and limestone.
With its Ytong, Hebel and Silka ranges, Xella is one of the world's largest manufacturers of aerated concrete and calcium silicate products. With Fermacell, Xella sets the tone for high quality dry lining applications and with Fels, Xella is one of Europe's leading producers of lime and limestone


Promaxsys has strong experience into the industrial equipment and spare parts procurement. Using our services will increase your benefits as time and cost savings.

We combine engineering and procurement proficiency to offer you most suitable solution to the best possible price. You can relay on our manufacturers evaluation process to add value in your operations.

As a partner of well known global present companies we supply innovative and high quality products for you projects, production and service activities.

Maintenance & Engeneering

With a know-how accumulated over the implementation of sufficient engineering, maintenance, installation and repair tasks our Maintenance & Engineering team offers installation, overhaul, repair, test and modification for a large number of industrial equipment, machinery and structural steel components.

Our long-term involvement with commercial operators made us aware of the importance of on time delivery of components for an efficient operation. That is why we are committed to offer our customers cost efficient components maintenance with short turn-around times and high quality and reliability standards.

In addition to an extensive capability, with a help of our international partners experts, we offer engineering support for our clients. With the aim to be a preferred partner for our customers, we continuously work on bringing our services to perfection and find exact answers to the individual requirements our customers have.

High risk equipment services

When a business uses high risk equipment, it is important that it has regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to be safe to use. One of the best ways to achieve this is to arrange regular maintenance and servicing for each piece of equipment.

During the maintenance, any parts that the engineer finds to be worn or damaged will need replacing. This will help to improve performance of the equipment as well as ensure safety for the operators. This might be a part, no matter how innocuous - it is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to safety.

If an accident occurs involving a piece of high risk equipment, then an official investigation might follow. In this situation, it is important to be able to demonstrate that the equipment has undergone regular maintenance. Keeping copies of any service certificates can help to prove that the business follows any legal requirements and can help to absolve the business from full liability for the accident.

As a licensed company Promaxsys offer a range of maintenance services for your high risk equipment. Using us as your maintenance partner you add value to your company safety environment.